We believe... buying a product with longevity is the modern way and more importantly the sustainable way.

CUBIC products are made to sustain and endure the strains of daily merchandising, moving and changing environments. In the long run, this means less throw away displays, less expense in replacement displays and less impact on our environment.

In addition to improving the longevity of our systems, CUBIC has adopted a front-of-mind attitude to actively study the environmental impact of the manufacturing procedures and materials used to make our products. We continually pursue our goal of reducing our energy consumption and reducing waste created by our products by analyzing the source of our materials, the build of our products, our operational procedures and periodic training of our staff in our ambitions in caring for the environment.

We believe that our greatest opportunity in improving our environmental impact is beyond the manufacturing phase. At CUBIC, We have strict policies on manufacturing our products to be free of many toxic substances. We are committed to design our products to be better for transportation, have longer life-cycles, manufacture our products from recyclable materials, use materials that are non toxic and design our products to be easily broken down and separated for recycling.
For our children's children
CUBIC fully respects the principles of diversity at work. Our aim is to have the right employee in the right place regardless of gender, race, age or sexual orientation.

As well as our responsibility to customers, CUBIC also recognises that employees deserve the opportunity to develop their talents and achieve satisfying and rewarding careers. CUBIC is committed to promoting individual development and regularly assess employees’ abilities, progress and individual training needs.

CUBIC is also committed to creating a working environment that enables all colleagues to achieve a healthy balance between their work and personal life. We believe that by adopting this employment philosophy, it will increase our ability to attract and retain a high calibre of colleagues and in doing so ensure that we are able to give a great service to our customers.
Whether we are dealing with major suppliers or sourcing from elsewhere, we ensure our products have been tested for safety, health and environmental compliance. At the same time our policy is to work in partnership with our suppliers to help them reduce their impact on the environment and to manage the challenges of sustainable growth.
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