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Why we believe Flex D is the best of its kind?



Flex D is the flexible single point retail fixture system that allows for attachment and detachment of display arms, shelves, rails and customised forms. Flex D can be installed into most panel arrangements, modular structures, glass and plasterboard. To further this system’s appeal; Flex D boasts flush, slim collar and stainless steel capping options which can be installed from the rear or front of the panel. No other similar store fixture offers the full package like Flex D does...




Intelligent locking

A Flex D accessory inserted on the angle shown drives the product into the holder and depresses the spring loaded locking mechanism. Turning the product 90° effectively locks and positions the display with a slight upward angle to avoid sagging.


Panel installation options

Why limit merchandising to the norm? With Flex D, you can install holders into MDF panels, sub structured plasterboard (gypsum) walls and also into glass panels (Flex D15 holder for glass). A 19mm (3/4”) standard is indicated but we have compensating plates available to allow multiple panel thicknesses.


Capping options

Each showroom design need not have the same look. We have chrome and satin chrome plated caps that attach from the front of the panel and what's more the durable machined stainless steel screw on caps. For a more flush and discreet look we have the rear cap option in chrome and satin chrome finishes.

  The holder...

Customary single point holders on the market tend to be fabricated metal pieces that end up leaving the display sagging or tearing off the panel. Our Flex D holders are molded from engineering grade polymer making them light and more importantly - strong and cost effective! Once the accessory is spring locked, it is slightly angled to ensure the merchandise does not sag. 

Flex D has been tested and awarded the GS mark by Germany’s TÜV Rheinland; validating that all relevant standards and technical norms are observed.



Accessories and arrangements

With over 180 accessories detailed in our catalogue you are without doubt able to achieve the goal of delivering a cost effective merchandising system for your display requirements when using Flex D.




'Shop & Store Concept' created this showroom in Düsseldorf/Germany for luxury accessories retailer Roeckel using the CUBIC Flex D8 display system.

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