Index, for just about anything -




Index, for just about anything



Index is signage that complements elegant merchandise. Its bold, minimal and neutral design makes Index the perfect signage solution. Index adapters for various CUBIC systems means even more options to communicate with customers where it counts the most.





Table top Index stands


An array of free standing table top Index stands are available in various shapes and sizes for just about any application. There are the bold - single sided - angled sign holders, The double sided angled sign holders and the double sided sign holders which can be adapted on various bases and also work with several CUBIC systems; all of which are available in various sizes, landscape and portrait.











Index & other CUBIC systems

With its bold and gorgeous clean look, Index is bound to change the look of any interior. The urge to design it to work with as many of our systems as possible was too great! Index is designed to accompany all of the CUBIC wall systems, Display stands, Tension mounted Pole, Table top display system and Counter tops plinth mounts. 










The Index Stand


Last but not least part of the Index line up is The Index Stand.

It's hard to walk past without noticing this free standing singnage stand and its cool, clean & crisp look. With the option of running the graphic from top to bottom, the Index stand has so many application. 


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